Application and Impact

This project targets the development of a complex methodology of analysis of cultural heritage – SMART Value, as result of a cooperative effort to share experiences and references among the
partners. This methodology will be universal in character - with its application, it will be possible to analyze different typological groups of heritage
in a broad context (social, economic, cultural, etc.).

This will be a considerable step forward in interdisciplinarity, building upon the experience of the partners through the review of state of knowledge on values and systems of evaluation
applied (and connected with) cultural heritage protection, conservation and use.

The project results will have practical value – the developed valuation model will be disseminated and will allow optimisation of activities concerning
conservation, protection and use of heritage as well as significantly improving the understanding of stakeholders involved in these processes.

Moreover, the pilot projects will facilitate the development of models of value analysis for chosen heritage categories with the application of SMART Values methodology. Such flexibility
is expected to facilitate its adoption and implementation in other cultural heritage properties than the ones used as case studies.