Smart Value Project

Full name of the Project:

Scientific Modern Analysis of Research Topic
Values and valuation as key factors in protection, conservation and contemporary use of heritage – a collaborative research of European cultural heritage.

Project acronym:


Project duration in months:

33 Months  (start date 1 January  2014)

Project abstract:

The project aims at creating a research consortium that will summarize the state of knowledge and experience as well as creatively develop a methodology for analysing the value of the protection, preservation and modern use of heritage.
The idea of the project is to use the experiences, methods and results of research on the cultural heritage values​​, that are conducted with regard to different types of heritage and in different conditions. 
The main goal of the project is the widest possible use of international experience, gained in relation to different typological groups of heritage, and in relation to various systems of heritage valuation. The research areas were assumed taking into account various components: typological groups of cultural heritage, areas and aspects of the valuation.
The main research objective of project is to develop a holistic valuation methodology that will enable the perception and analysis of cultural heritage in the overall context of environmental conditions (cultural, ecological, social, economic dimensions)
The methodology developed as a result of the project will be open sourced to allow the valuation of heritage, taking into account different points of view.
The project consists of three main tasks: Elaboration and synthesis of the state-of-art (heritage values and valuations); Elaboration SMART Values methodology; Apply SMART Values methodology in pilot projects (analysis of selected heritage properties).
The project results will have the practical value - developed valuation model  will be disseminated and will allow to optimize the activities concerning conservation, protection and use of heritage as well as significantly improve the understanding of stakeholders involved in these processes.
The added value resulting from the implementation of the project within the consortium will be the involvement and integration of researchers representing different conditions and scientific traditions - synergetic effect will be achieved.


Heritage, values, interpretation, sustainable development

Project costs (in Euros):

Estimated overall budget: 371 226,18 euro Estimated overall requested grant: 325 626,18 euro Estimated overall own funds: 45 600,00 euro

Contact Person

Name of the lead coordinator person: Bogusław Szmygin Contact details of the coordinator:; ul Nadbystrzycka 38 D 20-618 Lublin;

List of participants:

Participant no.* Participant organisation name Participant short name Organisation type Country
1 (Coordinator) Lublin University of Technology LUT Educational Institution Poland
2 Vilnius Academy of Arts VDA Educational Institution Lithuania
3 Polytechnic of Milan POLIMI Educational Institution Italy
4 University of Macerata UNIMC Educational Institution Italy
5 Altravia s.r.l. AV Company Italy
6 Univerza v Ljubljani UL Educational Institution Slovenia

Work package (WP) overview list

WP no. WP title Type of
Lead. partic. no. Lead. partic. short name Person months Start Month End month
1 Project Management Management P1 LUT 9,75 1 33
2 Elaboration and synthesis
Research P2 UL 21,5 1 9
3 Elaboration SMART
Value methodology
Research P1 LUT 65 10 21
4 Apply SMART Values
methodology in pilot projects
Research and application P6 VDA 62 22 33
5 Dissemination &
Exploitation strategy
Dissemination P5 LUT 20 1 33
  TOTAL       178,25    

The staff members

Bogusław Szmygin, Mirosław Dytczak, Marek Skłodowski, Monika Murzyn-Kupisz.

Prof. Dr. Ieva Kuizinienė, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vaida Ščiglienė, Assoc. prof. dr. Vaida Almonaitytė-Navickienė, Angelė Danutė Čepėnaitė, Kristina Daubarytė.

Politecnico di Milano: Stefano della Torre, Alfredo M. Ronchi.
University of Macerata: Massimo Montella, Mara Cerquetti, Patrizia Dragoni, Maria Luisa Saviano
Altravia s.r.l.: Luca Scuriatti, Shaun De Lucia, Alessandro Cassetti, Alessandra Forte, Federocp Zardo, Denis Siegato, Simone Desantis.